Indie-Americana artist, HOSTS, is the stage name of singer/songwriter, Miles Patzer. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native sings gritty and raw tales of heartache that leaves the listener in a state of deep introspection.

After living in Nashville, TN for four years, Miles has released his second full-length album, Last Night of Gold, out now digitally. This follow-up to his 2014 debut Hearttaker, adventures into a realm of neo-western music, expressing a musical connection to country roots coupled with contemporary lyrics.

Miles began the persona of HOSTS in 2011 as an identity crisis to both redefine his music and himself. As he began his new life in Nashville he found that he was surrounded by a plethora of musical companions all flowing with rich creativity and ambition. Only recently moving back to Milwaukee, Miles hopes to break into the local scene that he used to find inspiration from growing up.

Although HOSTS is technically a solo act, Miles has established his project as more of a collective, implementing the skill of many other local musicians and artists. Last Night of Gold was recorded in 3 days in October 2014 with the help of Alex Cordell, the pedal steel player for Big & Rich; Charles Myers, guitar player for The Case Study; as well as Kevin Rooney, a drummer for acts such as Jake McMullan and Poema. Andrew Long, the Assistant Engineer to well-known producer Dave Cobb, produced the album; and it was mastered by Pete Lyman who has worked for artists including Jason Isbell, Shovels & Rope, and Sturgill Simpson.

Last Night of Gold is an album about almost dying in Indiana, long-distance relationships, drinking heavily, and struggling with self-confidence in love. Overall, Miles has tried to outgrow the depression-soaked indie folk scene that America has become accustomed to and put positivity behind his craft. Taking influence from artists like Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell, Glen Hansard, and Conor Oberst; Miles feels confident in his newly found sound.

“I don’t think the new album will be what my listeners are expecting; it’s a much more cohesive and happier collection of songs than my previous efforts. I have come out of darkness and I want to show a greater outlook on life,” Patzer says.